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Joining enthought

As luck would have it, i got a great job offer from Morgan Stanley as a Technology Analyst during campus placements at IIT Bombay, which was pleasantly surprising, since its was the best profile for me from among the pre-placement talks i had attended, and it had the best interview process among all the interviews i had given.
But as luck would have it again, my (ex) supervisor PR asked me to join him in starting an office of Enthought right here in India. I had known Enthought since very long.Its a leader in scientific computing in python. My first encounter was in a talk by Dr. Eric Jones which i attended @ IIT Bombay in 2006, being thoroughly impressed with the interactive Chaco demos. It was even before i knew Prabhu, and before i had experience with python. It was a really tough choice back then between Morgan Stanley and Enthought, but now it seems obvious in hindsight.
Initially we worked from my same CFD lab in IIT Bombay where i did my masters project. Puneeth Chaganti joined a few days after, and we got an awesome office soon after. At Enthought, i've met some really nice people, both personally and online. It been a great journey since. We have some exciting work ahead, and look forward to it.