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I'd not claim myself to be an academician, but i do with passion what i like. This page was in maintenance till i was a student at IIT Bombay, it is less so now.

I completed my Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Aerodynamics from IIT Bombay in August, 2011.
In my tenure at IIT Bombay, i have learnt a lot about Aerospace Engineering and also did a lot of other things. I'm very much into programming and have taken a lot of courses on computing for fluid mechanics and analytical courses.
I did my Master's Thesis titled "Solid Mechanics using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics" under Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran, implementing it under the project PySPH.
Here's a representative list of Post Grad elective courses i took when at IIT.
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws
  • Finite Element Method (offered in mechanical dept.)
  • State Space Methods for Flight Vehicles
  • Particle Methods for Fluid Flow
  • Hypersonic Flow Theory
  • Computing High Speed Flows
  • Optimization (offered in in chemical dept.)