This page exists because i love programming.

The languages which i love are C/C++ and Python. Also i do programming in Java as well.

Also in web development i have done some amount of work in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, JSP, Servlets, etc.

My favourite programming language is Python.

I love Python because of its usefulness. You can get to do your work without the language getting in your way.

You can program faster in Python than in C++ or Java (Python programs require 1/6th of the number of lines in C++ : source wikipedia). Also you don't need to read tons of material just to start doing something useful.

I use Python for the following tasks:

Writing scripts : I learnt bash somewhat and use it for very simple scripts but i could do things more and better in python as it doesn't require you to learn a whole new array of syntax for simple tasks. The bash string processing functions were simply too complicated. Python has taken automation of tasks to a whole new level for me.

Writing dynamic web pages : I have tried using PSP on my localhost to get web interfaces to things such as function plotters, web based shell terminal etc. Also the pyjamas framework (gwt port to python) is great for writing simple programs to be deployed on the which which can double up as desktop apps.

Writing applications : I've really learnt a lot of advanced python for scientific applications. If you are into science you should definitely learn python with its numpy, scipy and matplotlib packages. And if you are into application development you should try the Enthought ETS, with the truly awesome Traits [UI], Chaco and Mayavi packages.

Checkout the "Things you may find useful" page.